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Top Reasons to Choose AWS VPN for Secure Remote Work
Discover how AWS Client VPN revolutionizes remote work with scalable, secure cloud-based connections. Ideal for the digital-first workplace, it offers robust security, including MFA and federated authentication, outperforming traditional VPNs. Learn to set up AWS VPN for seamless remote access in our comprehensive guide.
26th November 2023
8 min read

The Ultimate Guide to Setting Up ClickHouse Database with Kubernetes on AWS
Explore the seamless integration of ClickHouse Database with Kubernetes on AWS in this in-depth guide. Dive into a step-by-step walkthrough, from setup to optimization, and unlock unprecedented speed and efficiency in your data analytics journey. Your roadmap to robust, scalable, and agile database management awaits!
29th September 2023
13 min read

My 11 Takeaways from the book 'Build' by Tony Fadell from the lens of a Software Engineer
Explore an engineer's enlightening journey through Tony Fadell's "Build." Uncover 11 takeaways that resonate with the coder's spirit, from embracing lifelong learning to striving for impactful innovation. This blog not only decodes Fadell’s wisdom but inspires a quest for meaningful creation in the software realm.
25th June 2023
3 min read

Building a Serverless Playground in Kubernetes using Knative & KinD
Explore the seamless merger of serverless computing and Kubernetes in this comprehensive guide. Delve into deploying serverless applications using Knative & KinD, uncover the magic of autoscaling, and ensure resiliency in your setup. Transform your Kubernetes cluster into a serverless playground, optimizing resources and scaling your applications effortlessly.
5th June 2023
15 min read

Supercharge Your Web Development with NextJS: 9 Key Advantages
Unlock the full potential of your web development journey with NextJS. Our latest blog elucidates 9 compelling advantages of NextJS over React, showcasing how it revolutionizes SEO, enhances performance, and streamlines your coding process. Dive in to discover why NextJS is the reigning champ for creating scalable, user-friendly web applications.
7th April 2023
4 min read

A Comprehensive Guide to Deno: Comparing it with Node.js and Why It Matters
Uncover the server-side JavaScript giants: Deno vs Node.js. Dive into their histories, explore unique features, and discover which runtime environment aligns with your project needs. Embrace modern, secure coding with Deno or leverage a vast ecosystem with Node.js. Your journey into server-side scripting redefined starts here.
6th April 2023
9 min read

Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
Unlock the power of Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) with this beginner-friendly guide. Dive into core concepts like encapsulation, inheritance, and polymorphism through engaging examples. Authored by a seasoned developer, this blog simplifies OOP, paving your way to create scalable, modular, and maintainable software effortlessly.
8th March 2023
7 min read

Send Logs from Go to Logstash in the ELK Stack with Docker Setup
Explore a seamless method to centralize your Go application logs using Logstash in the ELK Stack with a Docker setup. This beginner-friendly guide elucidates the setup process, the utilization of the go-logstash library, and pushing logs effortlessly to Logstash. Dive into efficient log management to enhance your application troubleshooting and analysis.
27th February 2023
5 min read

Can ChatGPT Replace Developers? Exploring AI's Impact on the Workforce
Explore the prowess and pitfalls of ChatGPT through a developer's lens. Can this AI marvel replace human developers, or does it serve better as an ally in code generation and bug-fixing? Dive into an engaging analysis of ChatGPT's role in modern software development and its impact on the industry.
7th February 2023
6 min read

Deployment Strategies Explained In-Depth | DevOps
Explore the core deployment strategies in DevOps with Karan Jagtiani's insightful guide. Dive into Recreate, Rolling, Blue-Green, Canary, and Shadow Deployments, unraveling how each method aids in a seamless transition from development to production. Enhance your deployment game and ensure a robust, user-friendly application delivery.
30th January 2023
7 min read

What are Interactive Islands? Get started with the Fresh framework!
Explore the revolutionary Interactive Islands concept in frontend development through the Fresh Framework built with Deno. Dive into a practical demo, uncover how this unique architecture enhances user experience by allowing immediate interaction with independently hydrated components, and why it's transforming the way we build web applications.
18th December 2022
7 min read

Introduction to Docker: A Beginners Guide for 2023
Dive into the world of containerization with Karan Jagtiani's beginner-friendly guide to Docker. Explore Docker's streamlined architecture, experience hands-on container creation, and Dockerize a simple NodeJS app. This guide demystifies Docker deployment, setting you on a path to scale your applications seamlessly.
19th November 2022
11 min read

How to Choose the Right Tech Stack For Your Project in 2023
Explore the roadmap to selecting the perfect tech stack for your 2023 project. Dive into a comprehensive comparison of front-end and back-end frameworks, unravel the mysteries of Server-Side Rendering, and discover popular tech stacks like MERN and MEAN. Avoid tech traps and align your choices with long-term goals and job opportunities.
22nd October 2022
11 min read

Ruby on Rails — Best Practices Every Developer Should Know
Unlock the full potential of Ruby on Rails with Karan Jagtiani's insightful guide on best practices for 2022. Explore real-world examples to achieve code reusability, high velocity, and maintainability in your applications. Dive into solutions for common challenges like the N+1 Query Problem and discover must-have gems for a robust backend.
20th September 2022
10 min read

Dockerize a MERN Stack app for Production with Security in Mind (Part II)
Discover how to dockerize a MERN stack application for a production environment with a security-first approach. Karan Jagtiani delves into Docker Compose, custom Dockerfiles, and introduces Nginx for enhanced security and control. Elevate your MERN stack projects with robust, production-ready configurations following this insightful two-part series.
24th July 2022
10 min read

Dockerize a MERN Stack app for Production with Security in Mind (Part I)
Explore the journey of dockerizing a MERN stack application for a robust production setup in this insightful two-part series by Karan Jagtiani. Delve into essential security practices, environment setup, and the initial steps towards seamless containerization. Your pathway to building a secure, production-ready MERN application begins here.
12th July 2022
9 min read